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By Douglas Finke

The PowerShell platform supplies builders seamless integration with legacy .Net code whereas including a spread formerly no longer visible in a language. With this booklet you are going to fast study the basics, and flow directly to writing wealthy, refined scripts to control key projects and methods on your improvement actions. PowerShell .Net for builders starts off with a cheat sheet of language primitives to get you in your ft with the language. You’ll see tips on how to accelerate approximately each element of the improvement method utilizing PowerShell.

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Facts is again as XML—no challenge for PowerShell—and we will rework that outcome into an array of gadgets with the proper homes, Artist and identify, then pipe it without delay into the appliance. functionality Get-YahooMusic { $wc = New-Object web. WebClient $url = "http://query. yahooapis. com/v1/public/yql? q=select * from track. free up. renowned" [xml]$xml = $wc. DownloadString($url) $xml. question. effects. liberate | ForEach { New-Object PSObject -Property @{ Artist=$_. artist. identify Name=$_. name } } } when you get going with this strong strategy, you’ll be surprised by means of the achieve you have got for info acquisition. No C# wanted! Get-YahooMusic | New-Album | Add-Album determine 5-17 indicates the consequences. From the following, we will be able to move wild with the Yahoo! interface. we will be able to simply upload parameters to the functionality to be handed to the YQL to subset the knowledge. we will be able to additionally quick organize different capabilities that use assorted YQL to retrieve different varieties of tune info. Wiring a Textbox to Execute PowerShell Code within the subsequent instance, I’ve integrated the Chinook pattern XML track dossier besides PowerShell capabilities, Get-ChinookData and Import-BeaverMusic. you will find the Chinook database on CodePlex (http://bit. ly/YPbVd). Run Get-ChinookData, and it'll pull the data from the XML dossier and show it as albums within the console. you may as well filter out the information by means of artist identify. The filtering makes use of a fit, so that you don’t must be targeted. Piping this to the Import-BeaverMusic functionality will transparent the albums commonly window record view and upload the hot albums, as proven in determine 5-18. The functionality Get-ChinookData makes use of the PowerShell XML accelerator to create an XmlDo cument from the contents of the dossier ChinookData. xml. instead of utilizing the integrated Get-Content cmdlet, i take advantage of the ReadAllLines() process at the IO. dossier namespace. this can be a speedier technique to learn a dossier. Beaver track program | seventy five Figure 5-17. Get-YahooMusic effects additionally, I cache the knowledge via checking for the worldwide variable $global:ChinookData. within the final line of the script, I filter out the knowledge through artist utilizing the the place cmdlet. notice, if $artist isn't exact, all the information is lower back. functionality Get-ChinookData ($artist) { if(! $global:ChinookData) { [xml]$global:ChinookData = [IO. File]::ReadAllLines("$pwd\ChinookData. xml") } if(! $global:artists) { } $global:artists = @{} $global:ChinookData. ChinookDataSet. Artist | ForEach { $artists. ($_. ArtistId)= $_. identify } $(ForEach($item in $global:ChinookData. ChinookDataSet. Album) { seventy six | bankruptcy 5: Add PowerShell on your GUI Figure 5-18. utilizing Get-ChinookData to import albums } New-Album $item. name $artists. ($item. ArtistId) }) | the place {$_. Artist -match $artist} right here we’re trying to find any artist with the observe “Kiss” in it. Get-ChinookData Kiss | Import-BeaverMusic operating within the PreviewKeyDown as soon as we’ve written PowerShell scripts and validated them like this, it’d be a disgrace if shall we use them in basic terms on the console. shall we quite decrease the attempt matrix via no longer having to reimplement interpreting the XML and including the albums to the repository in C# code.

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