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By Jeff Kolby

English deals might be the richest vocabulary of all languages, partly simply because its phrases are culled from such a lot of languages. it's a disgrace that we don't faucet this wealthy resource extra frequently in our day-by-day dialog to specific ourselves extra basically and precisely.
Many a vocabulary publication lists esoteric phrases we quick omit or think self-conscious utilizing. although, there's a bounty of selection phrases among the typical and the esoteric that frequently look be simply at the tip of our tongue. Vocabulary 4000 brings those phrases to the fore.

All the phrases you wish for achievement in enterprise, college, and life!

* be aware research part
* Idiom and utilization part
* two hundred Prefixes, Roots, and Suffixes
* Concise, functional definitions
* nice for the SAT, GRE and different front assessments

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ELLIPSIS F. unmanly 7. EMANCIPATE G. allure eight. ENCHANT H. free up nine. ENCYCLOPEDIC I. twosome 10. ENIGMATIC J. resolute enormity huge, tragic ensemble musical staff enshroud hide, imprecise ensnare capture, trap take place stick with instantly entail contain, necessitate company project enthrall mesmerize attract entice entomology the research of bugs entourage assemblage, employees entreat plead entrench enhance entrepreneur businessman enumerate count number enviable fascinating envision think, visualize envoy messenger eon lengthy time period ephemeral short-lived epic majestic, a protracted narrative poem epicure connoisseur epidemic spreading speedily epidemiology examine of the unfold of affliction epigram announcing episode incident epistemology the department of philosophy facing wisdom epithet identify, appellation epoch period epoxy glue equable even-tempered equanimity composure, poise equine relating horses equitable reasonable equivocate make deliberately ambiguous period time period remove abolish ergo for this reason erode put on away err mistake, misjudge errant wandering erratic consistently altering faulty fallacious ersatz man made erudite realized erupt burst forth boost accentuate escapade event escarpment a steep slope eschew stay away from esoteric identified through just a couple of esplanade boardwalk espouse recommend esteem recognize esthetic inventive estimable meritorious estrange alienate everlasting never-ending airy gentle, ethereal moral conforming to permitted criteria of habit ethos ideals of a bunch etiquette manners etymology research of phrases euphemism genteel expression euphoria elation euthanasia mercy-killing steer clear of steer clear of evanescent fleeting, very short evangelical proselytizing evasive elusive eventful momentous eventual final, coming eventuate result in evidential concerning facts evince attest, reveal eviscerate disembowel evoke draw forth evolution sluggish swap ewe lady sheep ex officio via advantage of place exacerbate aggravate particular use authority to strength money exacting difficult, tricky exalt glorify exasperate worsen excerpt choice, extract excision removing exclaim shout exclude close out particular prohibitive excommunicate expel excruciate torture execrable abominable execute implement exegesis interpretation Quiz 12 (Antonyms) instructions: decide on the be aware such a lot contrary in aspiring to the capitalized observe. solutions are on web page one hundred and one. 1. DISCORD: (A) contract (B) supposition (C) strife (D) scrutiny (E) antithesis 2. prepared: (A) targeted (B) languid (C) rash (D) caustic (E) voracious three. inappropriate: (A) moot (B) arduous (C) impertinent (D) germane (E) actual four. FACILITATE: (A) appease (B) expedite (C) extol (D) foil (E) precipitate five. FEND: (A) take up (B) disperse (C) accentuate (D) mirror (E) halt 6. PORTLY: (A) ailing (B) skinny (C) uninteresting (D) rotund (E) insipid 7. fritter away: (A) tax (B) annotate (C) fill up (D) lecture (E) vanquish eight.

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