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By David Paulides

The most recent learn from the writer of the groundbreaking The Hoopa venture: Bigfoot Encounters in California, named 2008 Bigfoot ebook of the 12 months by way of Cyptomundo

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500 379 five 1/76 Trinity Alps 1360- 9000 525,627 821 15 1/55 Ml. Shasta 4500-14. 162 38. two hundred 60 five 1/12 fortress Crags 2000- 6500 10,500 sixteen 2 1/8 Yolla Bolly 2600- 8100 150,000 234 five 1/47 North For okay a thousand- 3600 8,000 12. five zero zero Chanchelulla 3000-6400 eight. two hundred thirteen zero zero Siskiyou 1900- 7300 182,802 286 6 1/48 Russian 4800- 8200 12,000 19 zero zero 1,194,019 1. 865. 50 38 Totals fifty four zero Avg =: 1/49 Interesting proof The smaller the wildcllless region in acres (and sq. miles) , the fewer like ly there'll bc a bigfoot sighting or incident. 4 of the smallest arcas in measurement don't have any sightings or incidents, the exception being citadel Crags. The Trinity Alps Wildellless sector is greater than double the sq uare miles of its closest sector in measurement, Marble Mountain s. although it is simply double the dimensions of the Tri nity Al playstation , it has 3 times the numbers of sighti ngsi incidents. RIVERS The record under indicates the variety of bigfoot sightings and incidents inside a I O-mile radius on all fork s of the listcd rivcrs. Rivers #SigMings/lncidents Scott , Shasta 6 Van Ouzen 7 Salmon sixteen M,d 19 Eel sixteen SacramentO/Shasta lake sixteen Smith forty-one Klamath 106 Trinity 18' Totals 435 " fifty five *Several o/Ihe bigfool sighliugs alld incidellls are lVifhill a IO-mile radius zero/ lJIulliple riven/lakes. Ihus fh e /lumber exceeds fhe foral Illllllber/or the elllire/olir COllI/ly areas. fascinating Fac t the most important 3 rivers at the record (Trini ty, Klamath, and Sm ith) are predominan tly within the a ways northern sec tion of the country. The Smith is the shortest of all 3 of the rivers in overall distance, and this can account for the smallest variety of sightings/inciden ts. THE PACIFIC OCEAN • The furthest element at the map fro m the Pacific Ocean is nearly 108 miles . variety of bigfoot sightingslincidents inside of a 40-mi le radius of the Pacific Coast: 2 hundred. 37 percentage of the map landmass holds sixty nine percentage of the sightingslincidcnts (200/29 1). there were bigfoot sightings within the Pacific Ocean in a space coated at the map-Trinidad, California. Bigfoot was once supposedly swimmi ng among the big rocks thai take a seat simply offshore, very likely allempting to procure poultry eggs . i've got additionally in my opinion taken studies of bigfoot noticeable wi th kelp draped over their shoulders strolling again from the sea . there are various experiences on various databases that express sightings relatively ncar the coast, even at the roadway paralleling the sea. There arc various experiences stretch ing from British Columbia via California of bigfoot digging clams at the seashore. fifty six MAP PECULIARITIES DEL NORTE COL'NTY One merchandise that's awesome in regards to the centra! part of the county is the inability of any bigfoot incidents alongside the South Fork Smith River among Hiouchi and the cross street. The South Fork street parallels the river in Ihis zone, so the actual fact there aren't any incidents can- no longer be attributed to the absence of a roadway. There arc citizens aiong the South Fork who lise the line day-by-day.

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