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For a long time social scientists have saw that american citizens have gotten extra egocentric, headstrong, and callous. rather than lamenting a cultural slide towards narcissism, Transcending Self-Interest: mental Explorations of the Quiet Ego presents accomplished examine on either the issues of egocentrism and methods of transcending it.

The editors have assembled a bunch of members who're assisting to reshape how the sector of psychology defines the self within the twenty first Century. Their theories and examine recommend paths to this transcendence:

  1. balancing the desires of self and others in one's way of life and
  2. developing compassion, nondefensive self-awareness, and interdependent self-identity.

At the top of those converging paths lies a quiet ego—an ego much less involved in self-promotion than with the flourishing of either the self and others.

Readers will locate during this quantity notion not just for destiny paintings in psychology but in addition for his or her personal efforts towards own development.

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