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By John Dryden

This quantity comprises Dryden's 1684 translation of Louis Maimbourg's "The historical past of the League," a piece in relation to the spiritual wars of France within the previous century, and which Dryden used as a remark at the spiritual persecutions of his personal time in England.

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T h e King makes him nice bargains in useless. His lucky beginnings, the nice variety of cities ~vhichthrow themselves into his get together. His access into Paris. He wealtens the Counsel1 of 16 by means of encreasing their quantity. He explanations himself to be declar'd Lieutenant basic of the country and Crown of France. The King takes even though too past due, the methods of strength and rigour. T h e purposes which oblige him to unite hims=lf with the King of Navarre, the treaty of that Union, the useful bargains which the King makes to the Lorrain Princes who refuse them, the fruitless convention of Cardinal Morosini with the Duke of 11Zayenne. T h e functionality of the treaty of the 2 Kings, their declarations, their interview at tour^. The Exploits of the Duke of Mayenne. He attacks and includes the Suburbs of excursions. His go back with no need perform'd ought beside. T h e Siege and Battel of Senlis, the place the Parisians are defeated, the defeat of the Troups of the Sieur de Saveuse b y Chastillon. T h e Exploits of the King, his March in the direction of Paris, at Estampes he gets the scoop of the thundering Monitory of Pope Sixtus opposed to him, he's taking up his Quarters at St. Clou. T h e execrable Paricicle co~rimitteclon his individual, his such a lot Christian and such a lot holy dying. 'The Contents of the Fourth booklet. Henry the Fourth is acknowledg'd King of France, through the Catholiques of his military, and on what stipulations. T h e Duke of Esperlzon forsakes him, and the Sieur d e Vitry is going over to so the League, the King divides his military into 3 our bodies, and leads certainly one of them into Normandy. T h e Duke of Mayenne reasons the Counsel1 of the Union to claim the previous Cardinal of Bourbon King, lower than the identify of Charles the tenth. Books Written for the proper of the Uncle opposed to the Nephew, and Contents of th,e Rooks 10 20 30 25 for the Nephew opposed to the Uncle. T h e Duke of Mayenne takes the sector with a powerful1 military, and follows the King into hTognzandy. T h e Battel or nice Skirmishes at Arqzies, the King's Victory, and the Retreat of the Duke of Mayenne, the attack and taking of the Suburbs of Paris by means of the King. T h e with the Intelligence held bp the President De Blan~-~44esnil King. T h e compliment of that President. T h e Exploits of the King within the Provinces. T h e Propositions of the Legat Cajetan, and of the Spaniards on the Counsel1 of the Union. T h e Siez~rde Villeroy, discovers the intrigue of it to the Duke of Mayenne, who resolves to oppose them. T h e Commendation of that fab Minister of nation. a brand new Decree of the Sorbonne opposed to Henry the 4th. T h e new Oath which the Legat orders to be taken by way of the Leaguers. T h e King Eesiegeth Drez~x. T h e Duke of hlayenne illarches to the releif ol the Besieged, which events the battel of Yvry. T h e description of that Battel, the order of the 2 Armies. T h e absolute Victory of the King. His Exploits after his Victory. His repulse from sooner than Sens, by way of the Sieur de Chanvallon, he is going to besiege Paris. T h e situation of that city at the moment. T h e provision made by means of the Duke of N e m o ~ ~ r to s , maintain the Siege.

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