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By James Wasserman

An absolutely illustrated historical past of the Temple of Solomon

• Examines the Temple of Solomon within the Hebrew Scriptures, the recent testomony, and Apocryphal writings

• Explores its position within the founding of Freemasonry, the legends of the Knights Templar, the doctrines of the Kabbalah, and the lessons of Islam

• Explains the sacred nature of the Temple Mount--the website of the Temple of Solomon--and the secrets and techniques that can nonetheless be hidden there

• Richly illustrated, together with many photographs and pictures from infrequent files

The non secular middle of many esoteric societies, the Temple of Solomon used to be positioned atop the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, a website honored via the 3 nice monotheistic religions because the intersection of Divine and human. outfitted via King Solomon on the top of historic Israel’s strength, the Temple of Solomon housed the golden Ark of the Covenant in its Holy of Holies, a sacred chamber the place you may speak at once with God. Centuries after the temple’s destruction, the Temple Mount was once used because the headquarters for the Knights Templar through the Crusades, and numerous legends have come down during the centuries concerning the secrets and techniques they might have exposed there, together with discovery of the Holy Grail or the Ark of the Covenant.

Richly illustrated with biblical and Masonic illustrations, photos, and old and glossy paintings--many from infrequent archives--this booklet explores the Temple of Solomon within the Hebrew Scriptures, the recent testomony, and Apocryphal writings in addition to its position within the founding of Freemasonry, the legends of the Knights Templar, the doctrines of the Kabbalah, and Muhammad’s visionary trip from the Temple Mount throughout the heavens. looking to comprehend the strong hope of many faiths and mystery societies to re-create the temple via ritual and prayer, James Wasserman explains why it was once equipped, the mystical forces King Solomon can have utilized in its production, what its destruction intended for Jews and Christians alike, and why the Knights Templar in addition to a number of glossy mystery societies named their orders after it. Detailing the sacred structure of this completely proportioned mystical edifice via phrases and artwork, the writer unearths the Temple of Solomon because the confirmation of God’s presence in human affairs, the non secular root of Western tradition, and an immense monument to the Divine approximately forgotten in today’s secular instances yet sorely had to bridge the divide among our old previous and our religious destiny.

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