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By Otto Jespersen

This research grew out of a chain of lectures Jespersen gave at Columbia
University in 1909-10, referred to as “An advent to English Grammar.”
It is the attached presentation of Jespersen's perspectives of the general
principles of grammar in keeping with years of learning numerous languages
through either direct commentary of dwelling speech and written and
printed documents.

“[The Philosophy of Grammar and Analytic Syntax] set
forth the main broad and unique thought of common grammar
prior to the paintings of Chomsky and different generative grammarians of the
last thirty years.”—Arne Juul and Hans F. Nielsen, in Otto
Jespersen: points of His existence and Work

“Besides being essentially the most perceptive observers and original
thinkers that the sphere of linguistics has ever identified, Jespersen was
also one in all its so much interesting writers, and studying The
Philosophy of Grammar is enjoyable. learn it, take pleasure in it.”—James D.
McCawley, from the Introduction

Otto Jespersen (1860-1943), an expert at the progress and structure
of language, used to be the Chair of the English division on the University
of Copenhagen. between his many works are A sleek English
Grammar and Analytic Syntax, the latter released via the
University of Chicago Press.

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