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By Shmuel Safrai

This element of the Compendia is dedicated to Jewish literature from the periods
of the second one Temple and the Talmud. We understand uncomplicated types: 1) the
varied crew of apocryphal and pseudepigraphic writings and Hellenistic Jewish
literature; 2) the literature of the Sages.
The first classification, which used to be taken care of in quantity of this part, has
usually survived within the Greek, both having been written in that language or
translated from the unique Hebrew or Aramaic. in lots of circumstances basically the
translations into Greek, or different languages, have survived. This literature has
for the main half reached us via Christian literary culture and never via
Jewish resources. in reality, this sort of literature used to be primarily misplaced to Jewish
In this class we incorporated the literature of the Qumran sect which has
survived in its unique Hebrew. This literature used to be no longer transmitted via Jewish or
Christian culture yet used to be came upon during archeological investigations
and, also, by accident discoveries from old genizot or storehouses
for discarded books in synagogues.
The moment type, the literature of the Sages, was once initially created
wholly in Palestine, and from the 3rd century C . E . additionally in Babylonia. It was
composed in Hebrew and Aramaic, and has reached us through Jewish culture. It is
to this physique of literature that the 2 elements of this quantity are dedicated.

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B\l7 through. This right model was once encouraged already via R. Shimon ben Tsemah Duran in Magen Avot, 6a. seventy nine eight zero eighty one eight 2 50 ORAL T O R A comparable issues might be acknowledged of halakhic texts which mirror the placement of the second one Temple interval. Even the place many info are given within the Written Tora, Oral Tora won't purely clarify and extra specify, but in addition introduce substan­ tial strategies. Deut 26:1-11 offers a close description of the commandment of first end result, or bikkurim,^ a subject matter that is extra elaborated within the Mishna tractate Bikkurim, chapters one and 3. in truth, even though, there's additionally a lot new fabric, resembling precise halakhot pointing out that bikkurim aren't to be introduced from fields that are lower than the suspicion of getting been stolen, or that even if girls don't recite the festive statement (Deut 26:3), they could convey bikkurim} it's also said that proselytes might convey yet don't recite end result of the formulation'. . . which God swore to our fathers to provide unto us' (Deut 26:3). yet one Tanna teaches: 'A proselyte . . . may possibly carry and claim. Why? - " A n d thou [Abraham] shalt be the daddy of a mess of countries" (Gen 17:5); previously you have been the daddy of Aram purely, any longer you're the father of all of the countries [i. e. , gentiles]. ' even supposing the roots of those sayings and halakhot could be mentioned within the Tora and the Prophets, it's obtrusive that they indicate a considerable additional improvement. certainly, in a old standpoint, it seems that moment Tem­ ple Judaism, and particularly the Pharisees and their predecessors, did humanize the courtroom approach, allure lots of scholars, make 'fences' round the Tora, and so on. instead of being only a remark at the Written Tora, Oral Tora during this standpoint represents a brand new inventive improvement which sprang from deep non secular resources. It represents the desire to fulfil the fee imposed on guy, spelled out in ritual or inter-human commandments and in spiritual and moral teachings. considerably, there's a transparent and constant appreciation in rabbinic literature for the power to innovate in Tora. Rabban Yohanan ben Zakkai whilst directory the benefits in Tora learn of his 5 scholars, calls R. Eliezer 'a plastered cistern that loses now not a drop', yet R. Elazar ben Arakh 'a spring flowing with expanding strength'. in keeping with one opinion, Rabban Yohanan thought of the 'spring with expanding energy' because the first between his disciples, and if all of the Sages have been in a single scale of a stability and R. Elazar ben Arakh within the different, 'he could outweigh all of them. ' this can be in actual fact borne out in a convention from the Yavne new release: It occurred that R. Yohanan ben Beroka and R. Elazar Hisma got here from Yavne to Lod to pay honour to R. Yoshua at Pekiin. R. Yoshua requested them: what innovation MJTVU used to be taught this present day in the home of eighty four five 86 87 88 89 eighty three eighty four eighty five 86 87 88 89 See additionally Neh 10:36; Ezek 44:30. M. Bikk. 1:1-2. Ib. 1:5. Ib. 1:4. P. T. Bikk. 1, 64a. M. Avot 2:5. T. Sola 7:9-10; P. T. Sota three, 18d; P. T. Hag. 1, 75d; B.

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