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By Tikva Honig-Parnass

The Israeli Left has lengthy held the view that the old Zionist exertions stream stands firmly within the humanistic, democratic, or even socialist traditions. those revolutionary credentials are repeatedly known as forth as reason to brush off any of Israel’s leftwing critics and their fees of injustice. but, a better exam of those claims unearths a gently developed mythology used to imprecise a extra sordid reality.

False Prophets of Peace finds the crucial function performed by way of the Israeli Left in laying the basis for the colonial settler undertaking and its crusade of dispossession. faraway from its professed radicalism, Honig-Parnass deftly exposes Left Zionism’s contributions to Israel’s exclusivist ideology and its participation in makes an attempt to legitimize the apartheid remedy of Palestinians. Its fervent aid of a Jewish-only country not just undermined the “peace method” from the very begin yet maintains to function a barrier to achieving a simply peace that acknowledges the nationwide and human rights of the Palestinian people.

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25 the fitting in Israel has no hassle justifying the lifestyles of a non-democratic regime within which Palestinians are second-class electorate, simply because they've got by no means pretended to uphold universalist-socialist values just like the Left. The latter are pressured to protect the democratic values within the definition of the country of Israel, and whereas the Jewish majority precept contradicts the belief of a “Jewish Democratic State,” the Left makes use of it to confer legitimacy to “democracy,” as defined within the subsequent part. The “Majority” precept as a Cornerstone of Democracy The argument for Jewish majority relies on a simplified proposal of democracy: sanctification of the selections and pursuits of the bulk, that are then foisted upon the “people. ” The best price attributed to the majority—which simply occurs to be Jewish—allows Zionist intellectuals to take a hypocritical stance, retaining their photo as democrats. they could hence help quite a few points of Israel’s Apartheid regime without having separate felony platforms for Jews and Palestinians. the bulk rule turns into a device to justify Jewish dominance. it really is an expression of the main real democratic method, “the very accumulation of the private judgements of the participants of the bulk” (namely the Jews). 26 via this method, that's disguised as a participatory, direct democracy, all nation guidelines and laws—including those who goal to maintain the Jewish majority and its dominance—are whitewashed. certainly, it's a kind of round considering in its such a lot illogical expression: a democratic worth (the rule of “the majority”) that legitimizes undemocratic regulations to maintain this particular procedure. Asa Kasher, a professor of philosophy at Tel Aviv college and the writer of the “Code of Ethics” of the Israeli military, has, like Gavison, abandoned the liberal/left camp whereas claiming to symbolize humanist values. He makes an attempt to reconcile his trust in either a Jewish kingdom and democratic values during the precept of a Jewish majority. Kasher: i need a democratic country, within the such a lot ethical that means of the expression, and that i desire a decisive Jewish majority, which enjoys nationwide, political and social freedom, between different issues, via being the ruler in all unorganized facets of the social lifetime of the kingdom, [and via] the very accumulation of the private judgements of the participants of the bulk. The interviewer: every thing is conditioned on being the bulk the following [in Israel]? Kasher: every thing is conditioned on being a decisive majority, not only a majority. 27 The insistent denial of the state’s function in beginning and imposing regulations that objective to maintain the dominant Jewish majority reaches its absurd climax within the writings of a professor of philosophy within the Hebrew collage, Menachem Brinker, knowledgeable on Sartre and existentialism and one of many founders of Peace Now. 28 Brinker fails to determine the clash among his dedication to the Jewish country and his liberal values. through elaborating on Kasher’s deceptive portrayal of the bulk inspiration, as though it have been an expression of the main actual, renowned democratic tactics, Brinker deludes himself extra.

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