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By Peer Heinlein

IMAP (the net Message entry Protocol) permits consumers to entry their e-mail on a distant server, even if from the place of work, a distant place, or a mobile phone or different equipment. IMAP is strong and versatile, yet it is also advanced to establish; it is more challenging to enforce than POP3 and extra error-prone for either customer and server.

The publication of IMAP deals an in depth creation to IMAP and POP3, the 2 protocols that govern all smooth mail servers and consumers. you are going to learn the way the protocols paintings in addition to the way to set up, configure, and keep the 2 hottest open resource mail structures, Courier and Cyrus.

Authors Peer Heinlein and Peer Hartleben have manage hundreds of thousands of mail servers and supply sensible tricks approximately troubleshooting blunders, migration, filesystem tuning, cluster setups, and password safety that can assist you extricate your self from all kinds of difficult events. you are going to additionally find out how to:

  • Create and use shared folders, digital domain names, and consumer quotas
  • Authenticate consumer information with PAM, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and LDAP
  • Handle heavy site visitors with load balancers and proxies
  • Use integrated instruments for server research, upkeep, and repairs
  • Implement complementary webmail consumers like Squirrelmail and Horde/IMP
  • Set up and use the Sieve e mail filter

    Thoroughly commented references to the POP and IMAP protocols around out the booklet, making The booklet of IMAP a necessary source for even the main skilled process administrators.

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