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Geography comes in handy, certainly priceless, to survival. every person needs to recognize the place to discover meals, water, and a spot of relaxation, and, within the sleek global, all needs to make the effort to make the Earth—our home—habitable. yet a lot present-day geography lacks drama, with its maps and records, descriptions and research, yet no acts of chivalry, no feel of quest. now not in the past, notwithstanding, geography was once romantic. Heroic explorers ventured to forbidding environments—oceans, mountains, forests, caves, deserts, polar ice caps—to try their strength of persistence for purposes they could not totally articulate. Why climb Everest? "Because it really is there."

            Yi-Fu Tuan has confirmed a world acceptance for deepening the sphere of geography by means of reading its ethical, common, philosophical, and poetic potentials and implications. In his twenty-second publication, Romantic Geography, he keeps to have interaction the wide-ranging rules that experience made him the most influential geographers of our time. during this dependent meditation, he considers the human tendency—stronger in a few cultures than in others—to veer clear of the center floor of logic to include the polarized values of sunshine and darkness, low and high, chaos and shape, brain and physique. In so doing, venturesome people can locate salvation in geographies that cater now not a lot to survival wishes (or even to strong, cozy dwelling) as to the passionate and romantic aspirations in their nature. Romantic Geography is hence a paean to the human spirit, that can carry us to the heights but in addition plunge us into the abyss.

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