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By Marc McCutcheon

Roget's large Thesaurus is a perennial favourite between writers, and this most modern variation has greater than 1,000 new and multiplied entries. This timesaving reference may also help you discover the ideal synonym or antonym to provide your writing precision and colour. From aback to zydeco, you can find the precise note you need.

Easy to exploit and finished in content material, Roget's great word list contains those designated features:

  • reverse dictionary
  • sample sentences
  • enlightening quotes
  • more that 400,000 synonyms and antonyms

the following time that elusive, just-right notice or word is at the tip of your tongue, succeed in for Roget's great Thesaurus. With extra gains than the other be aware reference, it really is is a must have for each writer's desk!

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Extra info for Roget's Super Thesaurus

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Cease, extinguish, deter, *throw a wrench within the works. act up v. misbehave, act out, bring up hell, *sow one’s wild oats, insurgent, *kick, *throw a tantrum, stick with it. acuity n. acuteness, sharpness, keenness, shrewdness. ACUMEN n. [AK yuh mun] psychological sharpness, exact and speedy judgment. Frank lacks the acumen had to achieve the inventory marketplace. syn. sharpness, shrewdness, quickness, intelligence, perceptiveness, keenness, perception, judgment, astuteness, discernment, 15 Z9241i_A. indd 15 5/25/10 12:24:12 PM acute - effectively liner, *speed freak, *pothead, *space cadet, fanatic, devotee, nut, adherent, buff, hound, zealot. see drug addicted a. hooked, based, committed, connected, obsessed, disposed to, within the behavior, *stuck on, zealous approximately, *nuts approximately. dependancy n. behavior, dependency, *monkey, *monkey on one’s again, yearning, enslavement, obsession, habituation, alcoholism. addictive a. habit-forming, enslaving, hooking. upload insult to damage v. worsen, exacerbate, aggravate, *add gas to the fireplace, heighten, impress. addition n. 1. tallying summation, calculation, tabulation, reckoning, computation, counting. 2. augmentation addendum, add-on, attachment, extension, bring up, complement, adjunct, annex. extra a. extra, additional, additional, supplementary, extra, over and above, elevated. ant. fewer, scant, none. additive n. agent, improving agent, preservative. addled a. muddled, befuddled, stressed, *numb, combined up, *out to lunch, *foggy, *dim, *out of it, bewildered, disoriented. ant. perceptive, clear-headed. add-on n. complement, accent, peripheral, augmentation. deal with n. 1. speech oration, lecture, speak, salutation, letter. 2. mailing tackle R. F. D. , direction, highway quantity, P. O. field, vacation spot. three. position place of abode, position, domestic, quarters, homestead. handle v. 1. direct converse to, greet, strategy, salute, recognize, write to. 2. deal with think about, care for, confront, adopt, specialize in, absorb, have interaction in. adduce v. cite, turn out, supply, illustrate, indicate, express, verify, identify. ADEPT a. [a DEPT] hugely expert or informed. The undertaking used to be accomplished fast in her adept arms. syn. expert, deft, adroit, professional, masterful, trained, able, practiced, dexterous, sharp, useful, *crack, *crackerjack, savvy, proficient. ant. unskilled, incompetent, fumbling, bumbling. adequacy n. adequate, sufficiency, strength, competence. sufficient a. adequate, sufficient, appropriate, applicable, passable, first rate, plentiful, tolerable, ok, admissible, no longer undesirable, reasonable, capable. ant. insufficient, unsatisfactory, insupportable, inadequate, missing. effectively adv. sufficiently, acceptably, satisfactorily, definitely, capably, amply. ant. inadequately, insufficiently. acuity, smarts, sagacity, knowledge. ant. lack of knowledge, dullness, stupidity, naivete. acute a. 1. sharp pointed, needle-like. 2. prepared sharp, sensible, fast, shrewdpermanent, astute, perceptive, vivid, discerning. three. delicate receptive, responsive, perceptive. four. serious critical, serious, the most important, very important, vital, grave, momentous, pressing, harmful, severe. five. shrill excessive, piercing.

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