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By Eric Partridge

This dictionary offers the origins of a few 20,000 goods from the trendy English vocabulary, discussing them in teams that clarify the connections among phrases derived through quite a few routes from initially universal inventory. in addition to giving the solutions to questions about the derivation of person phrases, it's a interesting e-book to flick thru, in view that each web page issues out hyperlinks with different entries. you can actually pursue such trails because the longer articles are written as non-stop prose basically divided up through numbered paragraphs and subheadings, and there's a cautious process of cross-references. as well as the most A-Z directory, there are huge lists of prefixes, suffixes, and components utilized in the construction of latest vocabulary.

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G. , clarion and melodion. accost . See COAST, para three. accouchement A-Z 19 . See sofa. account , n and v; responsible; accountancy; accountant; accounting. See the second count number, para five. accouter (AE), accoutre; accouterment (AE), accoutrement. See stitch, para 6. accredit , authorised. See CREDENCE, para 7. accrescence , accretion, accrete. See CRESCENT, para three. accrual , accrue. See CRESCENT, para four. accumbent Origins 20 , accumbency. See HIVE, para eight. acquire , accumulation, and so on. See CUMULATE, para 2. accuracy , exact. See healing, para three. accursed . See CURSE. accuse ; accusable, accusal, accusant, accusation, accusative, accusatorial, accusatory. See reason, para five. accustom . See customized. ace A-Z 21 , n for that reason v: ME as, OF-F as, L ās, a unit of the duodecimal method, as a result a financial typical and, later, a copper coin: perh an Etruscan notice. Semantically, what serves as a customary is (or is thought of as) the simplest: consequently the card-game feel: for that reason the wearing, consequently back the aeronautical feel. acedia . See ACCIDIA. acerb . See ACRID and cf ACUTE. acescent , acetate, acetic, acetylene. See ACID, 2d para. discomfort , n and v: (to) soreness derives from ME aken (cf the obs spelling ake) OE acan, o. o. o. —but perh similar to Grakē (s ak-), a pointy aspect, and L acēre, to be sharp: cf ACUTE. Whitehall postulates the IE etym *agos, fault, guilt, and adduces MD akel, disgrace, and LG äken, to clever. yet, ult, the 2 IE rr *ag- and *ak-, could have been identity. in achieving ; achievement—heraldic hatchment. The third both corrupts the second, inspired by means of F hachement, an decoration in heraldry, Origins 22 or (EW) comes direct from F hachement, an inferior kind of acesmement, from OF acesmer, to decorate, itself o. o. o. ; the second derives from MF-F achèvement (cf the suffix ment), from OF-F achever, to deliver to a head, to finish: a (Mod a), to+chef, head: cf leader; and the first derives from ME acheven, from the OF-F achever. acid , adj accordingly n; acidic; acidific, acidify; acidity; acidulate, acidulous; acescence, acescent; acetate; acetic, acetous; acetylene. The adj acid comes, perh through EF-F, from L acidus (s acid-, r ac-: cf torrid from L torrēre, s tor-); the spinoff n acid yields the subsidiary adj acidic (cf the suffix -ic). The by-product L n aciditās yields, perh through EF-F acidité, the E acidity (cf -ity). The dim L adj acidulus bills for acidulous, whence acidulate: acidul(ous)+the v suffix -ate. Acidific, acidify: acid+ific and -fy; the latter has spinoff acidification. Acescence=acescent+-ce; acescent comes, perh through F, from L acescent-, o/s of acescens, presp of acescere, to turn into or flip bitter, the inch of acēre, to be sharp, for that reason bitter. Acetate comes from L acētum, vinegar, itself from acēre, reminiscent of acer, sharp; and acētum supplies us the adjj acetic (acid) and acetose or acetous (cf -ose and -ous). In Chem, either L acētum and E acetic own a number of derivatives: the following we want point out basically acetylene: acetyl (acet-+Chem -yl)+ Chem -ene (as in benzene). Cf the aspect aceti- or aceto-. F. a. e. : ACUTE. recognize , acknowledgement.

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