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By Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei - XKP

The Hajj in Islamic legislation is a bunch of sacred rites and is among the pillars upon which Islam is tested. Hajj in its components, the wajib and the mustahabb, is of serious benefit and with an abundant gift. the duty of Hajj is a confirmed topic within the Qur'an and Sunnah and it truly is one of the must haves prescribed in our faith. Its forget is taken into account as an excellent sin if he who neglects it possesses the necessary features and he is aware that it's wajib. Allah the chic within the Qur'an acknowledged: "Pilgrimage to the home is an obligation imposed upon mankind via God, for someone who can manage to pay for how to achieve this. anyone who disbelieves will locate that God is Transcendent, past any want for the Universe".


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If all evidences are misplaced, it really is adequate to suffice with the suspicion bought from the announcing of someone who understands the zone. Doing ihram ahead of Miqat is invalid, except one did a nadhr for ihram earlier than the Miqat in a undeniable position e. g. Madinah or his state. Then he's obliged to do ihram from there and it's legitimate. If one, ignorantly or as a result of an excuse, had handed the Miqat with no ihram, then if he may go back to the Miqat, he will be obliged to come back and do ihram from it, regardless of no matter if he was once inside of or outdoors the Haram. whereas if he couldn't and he was once contained in the Haram, then if he may get out of it, he will be obliged to do this and it's, in accordance with ihtiyat al-wajib to head as close to as attainable to the Miqat and do ihram from there. If you can now not get out because of scarcity of time or different reasons, he may still do ihram contained in the Haram from the purpose at which he turns into freed from his excuse. In common stipulations it's not permissible to hold up ihram past the Miqat even if there has been one other Miqat past or now not. person who has been avoided from doing ihram from one of many Miqats will be allowed to do it in one other one. one that, intentionally and purposely, didn't do ihram from the Miqat and will now not go back as a result of time boundaries or one more reason and there's no different Miqat past till time turns into brief to do it, he might omit the `Umrah and his Hajj will be void, and he's obliged to copy the Hajj the subsequent 12 months, if the Hajj used to be settled on him or he was once mustati`. Jaddah is neither a Miqat nor a parallel zone. hence, doing ihram for `Umrat al-tamattu` in it, in common stipulations, is wrong and one needs to visit any Miqat to do ihram, so long as he might. another way, in line with ihtiyat, he should still do ihram through nadhr in Jaddah itself. If a muhrim, after passing the Miqat, grew to become acutely aware that his ihram was once wrong, if, then, he may well go back to it, he's obliged to. whereas if he couldn't accomplish that yet via passing via Mecca al-mukarramah, he needs to do ihram from adna'l-hill and input Mecca for `Umrah al-mufradah. Then, after acting it he may still go back again to at least one of the Miqats to do ihram for `Umrat al-tamattu` it appears it really is allowed for somebody who's convinced that he'll now not pass over the Hajj to get out of Mecca after he turns into freed of ihram of `Umrat al-tamattu`, even supposing, according to ihtiyat al-mustahabb, it's higher to not get out yet for urgency and wish. back, it truly is according to ihtiyat to do ihram for Hajj in Mecca earlier than getting out except it will reason awesome worry for him. person who desires to practice this ihtiyat and who's pressured to get out of Mecca a number of occasions, e. g. the staff of caravans and the likes, he can practice `Umrah al-mufradah first to go into Mecca and hold up `Umrat al-tamattu` until eventually the time he may possibly practice it prior to Hajj practices. at the moment he might do ihram for `Umrat al-tamattu` from the Miqat and after completing it he may do ihram for Hajj in Mecca. what's intended via getting out of Mecca among `Umrat al-tamattu` and Hajj is to get out of the modern Mecca al-mukarramah.

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