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* Mini-dictionaries within the scholars' Books * version solutions, photocopiable assessments and staining schemes, within the Teacher's Books

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There has been not anything he wouldn't throw himself onto with screams of pleasure, ... as being inedible. His maximum ambition in existence used to be to devour a man or woman ... past his skills. yet diverse Cp. 19) 1 untold; 2 carcass; three contribution; four deadly; five virulent; 6 reputed; 7 successor; eight notoriously; nine banned; 10 coaxed; eleven on reflection; 12 head to head o Prepositions Cp. 19) 1 lower than; 2 with out; three less than; 6 underneath; 7 inside; eight in four past; five over; m methods of speaking (p. 20) a b 1 purred; 2 droned; three croaked; four whining; five roaring; 6 growled m Phrasal verbs with take (p. 20) 1 be taken in; 2 took (it) in; three take out (your undesirable temper) on; four took (it) on/upon; five take to; 6 has taken up/took up; 7 used to be bowled over; eight take off; nine takes after; 10 took down think a posture nod one's head rear offspring trade a look sound the alarm inflict a wound stifle a yawn jog somebody's reminiscence take a touch make a stab (at) utter a legitimate o (p. 21) Verbs of circulate 1 stalked; 2 leapt/leaped; three crept; four scrambled; five pounced; 6 lurking; 7 crouched III related yet diversified (p. 21) 1 drawing; 2 casts; three lightning; four combined; five scruff; 6 aback; 7 prey; eight goose; nine newly; 10 fittest . ExallLslraleQ-y,· e. art3 lPP. 2~23J (p. 22) writer of textual content: Theroux, Paul Edward (born 1941) American novelist and go back and forth author. He has travelled largely via Asia and the United States. he's an clever, witty observer of lifestyles in those international locations. m m (p. 23) B was once now not wanted. the single individual on the whole textual content to which 'He' within the first sentence may refer is the single prior to hole three. despite the fact that, Paragraph B can't healthy the following as the paragraph instantly after starts: 'Yet this previous teach ... '. for this reason the lacking paragraph needs to make connection with a teach instead of to an individual. p.. am perform: half three (P12. 24-25~ a (p. 22) writer of textual content: Thubron, Colin (born 1939) Left publishing to go back and forth. Has written 4 hugely praised novels and several other award-winning go back and forth books. Verb and noun collocations (p. 20) endure a resemblance a (p. 23) 1 C; 2 A; three D buzz: bee, bumblebee croak: frog drone: bee growl: puppy, lion, tiger, endure purr: cat roar: immense cat (e. g. lion, tiger) whine: puppy o m (p. 22) 1 oil; 2 smoke; three slopes; four wooden; five fresh; 6 sound/noise; 7 fall/break; eight prehistoric; nine wind; 10 flood a phrases from the textual content (p. 26) 1 c; 2 i; three h; four g; five f; 6 d; 7 e; eight j; nine b; 10 a m Descriptive verbs (p. 26) 1 spewed; 2 choked; three banked; four trickled; five jostled; 6 scattered; 7 bowled; eight lingered m traveling and shipping (p. 26) humans: conductor, motorist, skipper vehicles: bonnet, boot, convertible, hatchback, lay-by Trains: buffet vehicle, compartment, sidings, sound asleep automobile Boats: berth, deck, galley, gangplank, jetty, liner, mast, moorings, rudder, schooner Planes: cockpit, fuselage, galley, landing-bay, runway, standby m Prepositions (p. 27) 1 off; 2 opposed to; three at; four at the back of; five lower than; 6 on; 7 out of; eight over; nine below; 10 as much as o 1 2 three four five 6 7 eight nine Idioms and expressions with pass (p. 28> long gone downhill pass halves will cross spare glided by the board went to items move the full hog is going off at a tangent it went opposed to the grain went clean 10 went to nice lengths o Phrasal verbs with pass (p.

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