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Key Features

  • Explore the useful paradigms of programming with Elixir via use of precious examples
  • Concise step by step directions to educate you tough technical concepts
  • Bridge the distance among useful programming and Elixir

Book Description

Elixir, according to Erlang's digital laptop and environment, makes it more uncomplicated to accomplish scalability, concurrency, fault tolerance, and excessive availability pursuits which are pursued through builders utilizing any programming language or programming paradigm. Elixir is a latest programming language that makes use of the advantages provided by way of Erlang VM with out quite incorporating the advanced syntaxes of Erlang.

Learning to software utilizing Elixir will train many stuff which are very necessary to programming as a craft, whether on the finish of the day, the programmer is not utilizing Elixir. This publication will educate you ideas and rules vital to any complicated, scalable, and resilient software. in most cases, purposes are traditionally tricky to cause approximately, yet utilizing the innovations during this booklet, they're going to develop into effortless and stress-free. it's going to train you the sensible programing ropes, to allow them to create greater and extra scalable functions, and you may discover how Elixir might be useful in achieving new programming heights. additionally, you will glean a company figuring out of fundamentals of OTP and the to be had known, supplied performance for growing resilient complicated structures. in addition, you'll research the fundamentals of metaprogramming: editing and lengthening Elixir to suite your needs.

What you are going to learn

  • Explore Elixir to create resilient, scalable applications
  • Create fault-tolerant applications
  • Become larger conversant in Elixir code and spot the way it is dependent to construct and enhance practical programs
  • Learn the fundamentals of useful programming
  • Gain an figuring out of potent OTP principles
  • Design program-distributed purposes and systems
  • Write and create branching statements in Elixir
  • Learn to do extra with much less utilizing Elixir's metaprogramming
  • Be accustomed to the amenities Elixir presents for metaprogramming, macros, and increasing the Elixir language

About the Author

Kenny Ballou is a life-long learner, developer, mathematician, and total philosopher. He enjoys fixing difficulties, studying approximately applied sciences, and discussing new and assorted ideas.

He graduated from the Boise kingdom college, majoring in utilized arithmetic, and minoring in computing device technology. He has been programming professionally for almost a decade, and is presently operating as a software program developer for an analytics corporation within the Boise, Idaho area.

Apart from constructing professionally, he's energetic within the open resource group, contributing the place he can.

When he isn't constructing, he enjoys examining, studying, and shredding the neighborhood mountains.

You can learn extra from him on his web publication at, try out his code on GitHub at, and keep on with him on Twitter at @kennyballou.

Table of Contents

  1. Introducing Elixir – considering Functionally
  2. Elixir fundamentals – Foundational Steps towards practical Programming
  3. Modules and services – developing practical construction Blocks
  4. Collections and movement Processing
  5. Control stream – sometimes you must Branch
  6. Concurrent Programming – utilizing techniques to overcome Concurrency
  7. OTP – A negative identify for a wealthy Framework
  8. Distributed Elixir – Taking Concurrency to the following Node
  9. Metaprogramming – Doing extra with Less

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Three. 82>} iex(2)> technique. alive? (pid) fake iex(3)> flush {:DOWN, #Reference<0. zero. three. 82>, :process, #PID<0. sixty four. 0>, :normal} :ok utilizing a technique video display is particularly just like utilizing a hyperlink, notwithstanding. rather than a procedure failure or basic termination leading to a cascading termination of methods, the tracking procedure gets a customary message in its inbox in regards to the demise of the monitored technique. The tracking technique can obtain this message and is given the chance to accomplish a few motion, in accordance with the receipt of those messages. Storing country within procedures Elixir approaches are nice. good, they're nice, thus far, so long as you don't want them to recollect whatever. This quick turns into an issue after we try to expand the makes use of of the Elixir methods and we'd like a manner for a procedure to recollect or shop info. It seems, notwithstanding, this can be fairly effortless to unravel with spawn/3 and acquaintances. The 3rd argument of the 3 arity types will be thought of the preliminary kingdom of the method. the method, then, may perhaps commence working utilizing its preliminary kingdom. Then the query turns into, how does it replace its nation? Elixir info is immutable, so how does the method adjust this knowledge? the answer's within the tail-recursive countless loop. In every one invocation of the loop, the nation of the method is handed, with alterations and all, to itself. Let's create an easy key-value garage strategy to illustrate this. the final layout can be a module that accepts the :put and :get messages: defmodule KV do def start_link do spawn_link(fn -> loop(%{}) finish) [ a hundred and forty ] www. it-ebooks. details Chapter 6 finish defp loop(map) do obtain do {:put, key, price, sender} -> new_map = Map. put(map, key, worth) ship sender, :ok loop(new_map) {:get, key, sender} -> ship sender, Map. get(map, key) loop map finish finish finish The start_link functionality is a comfort functionality for spawning our KV procedure; it easily starts off the looping component with an at first empty map. The previous obtain do loop within reason uncomplicated. We fit opposed to other kinds of messages, :put and :get. If we're given a :put message, we replace the map (our inner nation) with the recent key utilizing the Map. put/3 functionality after which we ship the calling approach, the :ok message. ultimately, we recurse utilizing the up to date map. If we're given a :get message, we ship the worth, or extra accurately, the results of Map. get/2 to the calling approach and loop with the present map. retailer the module definition to a dossier and let's check it out in an interactive consultation: iex(1)> import_file "kv. exs" {:module, KV, <<70, seventy nine, eighty two, forty nine, zero, zero, 7, sixteen, sixty six, sixty nine, sixty five, seventy seven, sixty nine, one hundred twenty, sixty eight, ninety nine, zero, zero, zero, ninety nine, 131, 104, 2, a hundred, zero, 14, one hundred and one, 108, one hundred and five, one hundred twenty, one zero five, 114, ninety five, a hundred, 111, ninety nine, one hundred fifteen, ninety five, 118, forty nine, 108, zero, zero, zero, 2, 104, 2, ... >>, {:loop, 1}} iex(2)> pid = KV. start_link #PID<0. seventy three. zero> iex(3)> ship pid, {:get, :a, self} {:get, :a, #PID<0. sixty two. 0>} iex(4)> flush nil :ok [ 141 ] www. it-ebooks. information Concurrent Programming – utilizing approaches to beat Concurrency after all, because the map is before everything empty, our use of the :get message returns nil.

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