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Create robust but simple-to-code BDD attempt suites in JavaScript utilizing the preferred instruments within the community

About This Book

  • Master the most well-liked checking out instruments within the JavaScript environment, equivalent to CucumberJS, Mocha, SinonJS, and more.
  • Learn how Behavior-driven improvement might help to jot down software program that's extra modular and has much less defects.
  • Avoid universal errors in checking out, simplify your try suites, and lead them to extra maintainable utilizing a really pragmatic method of BDD.

Who This booklet Is For

TThis publication is perfect for any JavaScript developer who's drawn to generating well-tested code. when you have no previous event with checking out, Node.js, or the other device, don't worry, as they are going to be defined from scratch.

What you'll Learn

  • Understand the elemental strategies of BDD and the way it's various from vintage unit testing
  • Divide your procedure into various modules that may be established individually, yet even as now not falling into the catch of unit testing
  • Use Mocha, Sinon.JS, and Chai to write down expressive BDD features
  • Implement Cucumber.js to automate assessments written in Gherkin in order that your stakeholders can comprehend them
  • Discover tips on how to try asynchronous platforms, both in keeping with callbacks or promises
  • Test a RESTful net API and a wealthy UI utilizing WebDriverJS and Protractor
  • Refactor and preserve your attempt code base maintainable utilizing most sensible practices and styles equivalent to PageObject

In Detail

JavaScript is not just wide-spread to create appealing person interfaces for the net, yet with the appearance of Node.js, it's also turning into a truly renowned and strong language to put in writing server-side functions. utilizing behavior-driven improvement and a few universal trying out styles and most sensible practices, it is possible for you to to prevent those traps.

This e-book will provide help to do BDD in a realistic means. we'll begin with a uncomplicated advent of what BDD is and why the classical method of checking out has failed. Afterwards, we are going to dive without delay into an advent to Node.js, Mocha, and Sinon.JS. ultimately, we are going to hide extra complicated matters resembling easy methods to write a quick and potent try suite for a RESTful net API, and the way to do an analogous with a wealthy UI utilizing Cucumber.js and Protractor.

This publication provides you with nice perception into how you can architect your method to make it extra testable and modular, yet while keep away from the nightmare of abusing mock objects.

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