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Discovering your method round Japan is a breeze with this convenient Tuttle commute atlas. Designed for the adventurous vacationer and containing all of the maps you will need in your explorations, this atlas comprises many perspectives and insets no longer on hand elsewhere.

The ideal shuttle advisor, this atlas is very easily divided into chapters overlaying the foremost areas of Japan, together with Tokyo, Mt. Fuji and round Tokyo, relevant Honshu, Kyoto, Kansai, Hiroshima and Western Honshu, Northern Honshu, Hokkaido, Shikoku, Kyushu, and Okinawa & the Southwest Islands. all of the 148 maps during this atlas are easy-to-follow and are provided in a logical demeanour. Emphasis is put on the main frequently-visited parts, and all towns, cities, villages and locations of curiosity are listed for fast reference..

All roads are color-coded with significant arteries in vibrant yellow and orange. All key landmarks are highlighted—including airports, shores, temples, resorts, retailers, eating places, procuring department stores, consulates, executive workplaces, hospitals, clinics, police stations, colleges, parks, banks, golfing classes and more!

Maps are proven at numerous scales, yet are sufficiently big to work out info. straightforward indexes on the again checklist all streets, cities, villages and structures for speedy reference.

COMPREHENSIVE: Covers each significant city and vacationer sector in Japan.

INFORMATIVE: offers detailed destinations of renowned points of interest, together with motels, eating places, temples, purchasing department stores and different crucial landmarks.

PRACTICAL: The convenient dimension, well-designed key maps and complete indexes assist you locate your vacation spot quickly.

RELIABLE: The maps during this atlas are completely researched and frequently up to date by way of Tuttle Publishing—the major writer of Asia Pacific maps.

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Fuji & round Tokyo Mitsutoge urban 28 Mt. Fuji Mitsuya-kita fifty six larger Osaka Mitsuya-minami fifty six higher Osaka Mitsuyanaka fifty six larger Osaka Miura 22 Mt. Fuji & round Tokyo Miurakaigan 22 Mt. Fuji & round Tokyo Miwa forty-one Nagano Miwa Museum of heritage & Folklore 35 Nagoya zone Miwatamachi forty-one Nagano Miya-mae 26 Kamakura Miyachiyo eighty one Sendai Miyada 34 critical Honshu Miyadamachi seventy two Shimonoseki Miyagahama seashore sixty seven Lake Biwa Miyagakicho forty three imperative & japanese Kyoto Miyagasakicho forty-one Shizuoka Miyagawa-cho Kaburenjo (Kyo-odori) forty three critical & japanese Kyoto Miyagawacho 24 Yokohama Miyagawasuji forty four Kawaramachi & Gion Miyagi ninety five Okinawa-honto Miyagi Michio Memorial Museum 6 Imperial Palace & Tokyo Station Miyagi Pref. seventy seven Northern Honshu Miyagi Prefectural artwork Museum eighty one Sendai Miyagino 29 Hakone city Miyagino eighty one Sendai Miyagino scorching Spring 29 Hakone city Miyahara fifty seven larger Osaka Miyaji ninety one Aso zone Miyajihama seashore ninety Kyusu Miyajima Ropeway seventy three Miyajima Miyajimacho seventy three Miyajima Miyajiri ninety one Yufuin Miyakami 30 Izu Peninsula Miyakawacho forty three critical & japanese Kyoto Miyake sizzling Spring 30 Miyake-jima Miyake city sixty four round Nara Miyake-jima Nature middle 30 Miyake-jima Miyakecho forty seven Northern Kyoto Miyakitacho forty six Northern Kyoto Miyako seventy seven Northern Honshu Miyako ninety Kyusu Miyako Airport ninety seven Miyako Islands Miyako-jima urban Museum ninety seven Miyako Islands Miyako-jima Undersea Park ninety seven Miyako Islands Miyako-odori forty five Kawaramachi & Gion Miyako-taki 32 Nikko region Miyakocho 25 Kawasaki Miyakojima Ward fifty seven higher Osaka Miyakojima-hon-dori fifty seven larger Osaka Miyakojima-minami-dori fifty seven larger Osaka Miyakojima-naka-dori fifty seven better Osaka Miyakoma-kita-dori fifty seven higher Osaka Miyakomachi 70 Hiroshima Miyakonojo ninety Kyusu Miyama ninety Kyusu Miyamachi forty eight Western Kyoto Miyamae four higher Tokyo Miyamaecho 25 Kawasaki Miyamaecho forty nine Western Kyoto Miyamaecho sixty four Nara Miyamothocho forty nine Western Kyoto Miyamoto Saburo Memorial artwork Museum four larger Tokyo Miyamotocho 25 Kawasaki Miyanishi 88 Matsuyama Miyanishicho forty six Northern Kyoto Miyanohama seashore 31 Chichi-jima Miyanohigashicho forty seven Northern Kyoto Miyanojo sizzling Spring ninety Kyusu Miyanokamicho forty nine Western Kyoto Miyanokitacho forty eight Western Kyoto Miyanomachi ninety two Shimabara Miyanomae forty seven Northern Kyoto Miyanomae seventy three Iwami Ginzan Miyanomaecho forty eight Western Kyoto Miyanoshita 29 Hakone city Miyanoshita sizzling Spring 29 Hakone city Miyanoshitacho forty eight Western Kyoto Miyanouchicho forty three relevant & japanese Kyoto Miyanoura ninety seven Yakushima Miyara Dounchi (Old residence of Ryukyu period) ninety six Ishigaki urban Miyasaka four higher Tokyo Miyasakacho seventy nine Hiraizumi & Ichinoseki Miyashitacho seventy nine Hiraizumi & Ichinoseki Miyashitamachi 32 Kawagoe-little Edo Miyata seventy nine Hiraizumi & Ichinoseki Miyatacho ninety one Miyazaki Miyatamachi 88 Matsuyama Miyauchicho fifty six higher Osaka Miyawaka ninety Kyusu Miyawakicho forty nine Western Kyoto Miyawakicho 89 Takamatsu Miyawakicho ninety one Miyazaki Miyazaki ninety Kyusu Miyazaki Airport ninety Kyusu Miyazaki Pref. ninety Kyusu Miyazaki-eki-higashi ninety one Miyazaki Miyazakicho 24 Yokohama Miyazakicho forty seven Northern Kyoto Miyazawa Kenji Dowa Mura Museum seventy nine Hanamaki Miyazawa Kenji Lihatobu middle seventy nine Hanamaki Miyazawa Kenji Memorial Museum seventy nine Hanamaki Miyazawa Kenji Monument seventy nine Hanamaki Miyazu sixty six Amano Hashidate Miyazuri seashore ninety Kyusu Miyoshi 87 Iya Valley Miyoshi urban 35 Nagoya sector Miyoshi-cho 87 Iya Valley Miyoshicho forty five Kawaramachi & Gion Miyuki ninety one Kannawa Hells region Miyuki-taki 31 Hachijo-jima Miyukicho forty-one Shizuoka Miyukicho fifty seven higher Osaka Miyukigahama seashore ninety Kyusu Mizomaecho forty nine Western Kyoto Mizonokuchi four higher Tokyo Mizosakicho forty nine Western Kyoto Mizu-no-shiryokan Museum ninety four Naha Mizugakecho forty seven Northern Kyoto Mizugakicho forty six Northern Kyoto Mizuha-no-yu sizzling Spring sixty four round Nara Mizuhashimachi 39 Noto Peninsula Mizuho Highland Ski sector sixty eight Hiroshima & Western Honshu Mizuho Park 35 Nagoya quarter Mizuho Ward 35 Nagoya sector Mizuhocho 25 Yokohama Mizuhocho forty eight Western Kyoto Mizukami ninety Kyusu Mizuki seashore seventy seven Northern Honshu Mizuki Shigeru highway sixty nine Hiroshima & Western Honshu Mizuki-dori sixty two Kobe Mizunomaru Fureai Park 87 Iya Valley Mizunoo 29 Hakone Mizuochi-taki ninety six Yaeyama Islands Mizuochicho forty-one Shizuoka Mizutamemachi 38 Kanazawa Moa Museum of paintings 30 Izu Peninsula Mobara 23 Mt.

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