Download E-books Instant Chinese: How to Express Over 1,000 Different Ideas with Just 100 Key Words and Phrases! A Mandarin Chinese Language Phrasebook PDF

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By Boye Lafayette De Mente

It's striking how a hundred key phrases and words offer immediate communication!
Do you must communicate uncomplicated Mandarin chinese language yet are too busy to check it? Are you vacationing China for a little while and need a Mandarin word booklet that can assist you converse within the chinese? if that is so, this Mandarin phrasebook is for you. It's tiny 0.4 x 4.1 x 5.9 inches measurement makes it particularly handy to go back and forth with yet with out wasting the main crucial content material for verbal exchange. This new, improved version comprises 15% extra content material, enjoyable manga-style illustrations, and extra details on which locations, personalities and developments are scorching in China correct now!
The notion of Instant Chinese is simple—learn a hundred phrases and words and say 1,000 issues. The trick is understanding which a hundred phrases to profit, however the writer Boye Lafayette De Mente has solved the matter, making a choice on merely these phrases you'll pay attention many times. regardless of a vocabulary this small, you'll be shocked how speedy and fluently you can also converse in Mandarin chinese language. phrases are repeated in several combos, construction familiarity with out attempt. All words are given in either simplified chinese language characters and conventional Hanoi Pinyin romanization. a quick consultant to pronunciation permits the consumer to assert the words safely. An English–Chinese thesaurus makes taking a look up a observe or word uncomplicated and fast. Here's a pattern of what you'll have the ability to do with this chinese language phasebook:
• Meet people.
• pass shopping.
• Ask directions.
• trip the subway.
• Order foodstuff and drinks.
• and lots more and plenty extra.

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Woh yee-ow she-oh-she) 我要休息。 32 want Xūyào (She-yee-ow) 需要 i want a few aspirin. Wǒ xūyào āsīpǐlín. (Woh she-yee-ow ahs-pee-leen) 我需要阿司匹林。 i would like a few foot powder. Wǒ xūyào jiǎozhǐ fěn. (Woh she-yee-ow jee-ow chee fern) 我需要脚趾粉。 i want a few shampoo. Wǒ xūyào xǐfàjì. (Woh she-yee-ow see-fa-jee) 我需要洗发剂。 i would like a few razor blades. Wǒ xūyào guāhú dāo. (Woh she-yee-ow gwah-hoo dow) 我需要刮胡刀。 i want a few eyedrops. Wǒ xūyào yǎn yàoshuǐ. (Woh she-yee-ow yahn-yee-ow shway) 我需要眼药水。 i would like an umbrella. Wǒ xūyào yǔsǎn. (Woh she-yee-ow yuh-sahn) 我需要雨伞。 33 Airport Fēijīchǎng (Fay-jee-chahng) 飞机场 airport go back and forth bus jīchǎng jiē sòng chē (jee-chahng jee-eh sohng-cher) 机场接送车 aircraft fēijī (fay-jee) 飞机 airline hángkōnggōngsī 航空公司 (hahng-kohng-gohng-suh) lodge commute bus lǚguǎn jiē sòng chē 旅馆接送车 (lwee-gwahn jee-eh sohng-cher) flight quantity hángbān hàomǎ 航班号码 (hahng-bahn how-mah) reservations yùdìng (yuu-deeng) 预定 price ticket piào (pee-ow) 票 top quality tóuděng cāng (toe-derng tsahng) 头等舱 top notch price tag tóuděng piào (toe-derng pee-ow) 头等票 economic system category jīngjì cāng (jeeng-jee tsahng) 经济舱 economic system classification price ticket pǔtōng piào (poo-tohng pee-ow) 普通票 be certain quèrèn (chwee-uh-wren) 确认 connecting flight xiánjiē hángbān 衔接航班 (shee-an jee-eh hahng-bahn) boarding card dēngjī okayǎ (derng-jee kah) 登机卡 carry-on luggage shǒutíbāo (show-tee bow) 手提包 aisle seat kào zǒudào zuòwèi (kow-zow dow zwoh-way) 靠走道坐位 window seat kào chuāng zuòwèi 靠窗座位 (kow-chwahng zwoh-way) passport hùzhào (hoo-jow) 护照 Please aid me with my baggage. Qǐng nǐ bāng wǒ bān xíngli. 请你帮我搬行李。 (Cheeng nee bahng woh bahn sheeng-lee) the place do I watch for the resort travel bus? Zài nǎli děng lǚguǎn de bāshì? (Dzigh nah-lee derng lwee-gwahn der ba-shr) 在哪里等旅馆的巴士? is that this the queue for the trip bus? Zài zhèlǐ páiduì děng lǚguǎn bāshì ma? (Dzigh jur-lee pah-dway derng-gwahn ba-shr mah) 在这里排队等旅馆巴士吗? the place am i able to get a taxi? Nǎlǐ yǒu chūzū chē? (Nah-lee you choo-joo cher) 哪里有出租车? From 2014, the chinese language executive have all started to loosen the visa requirement of overseas tourists. while you're transiting, likelihood is that you just now not want a transit visa in significant airports. For crew tourists, you'll now not have to follow for a visa in any respect (especially for Hainan province). on the Customs hǎiguān (high-gwahn) 海关 here's my passport. Zhè shì wǒde hùzhào. (Juh shr woh-der hoo-jow) 这是我的护照。 here's my arrival card. Zhè shì wǒde rùjìngkǎ. (Jur shr woh-der roo-jeeng-kah) 这是我的入境卡。 this is my departure card. Zhè shì wǒde chūjìngkǎ. (Jur shr woh-der choo-jeeng-kah) 这是我的出境卡。 My function (of stopover at) is company. Wǒ lái Zhōngguó shāngwù lǚxíng. (Woh lie johng-gwoh shahng-woo lu-sheeng) 我来中国商务旅行。 My function (of stopover at) is sightseeing. Wǒ lái guānguāng. (Woh lie gwahn-gwahng) 我来观光。 i've got goods (don’t have any merchandise) to claim. Wǒ yǒu / méiyǒu wùpǐn shēnbào. (Woh you / may-you woo-peen shern-bow) 我 有/没有 物品申报。 I intend to stick in China for … days.

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