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By Charles J. MacDonald

The Historical Atlas of the World is made of greater than a hundred colourful maps that current sessions and turning issues in international background. The atlas additionally contains a how-to-use part.

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1492: The Year the World Began

1492: no longer easily the 12 months Columbus Sailed the sea Blue . . . during this amazing, sweeping historical past, Felipe FernÁndez-Armesto strains key components of the trendy international again to that unmarried fateful 12 months while every thing replaced.

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In advert sixty eight, Nero's suicide marked the tip of the 1st dynasty of imperial Rome. the subsequent yr used to be one among drama and threat, with 4 emperors—Galba, Otho, Vitellius, and Vespasian—emerging in succession. in keeping with authoritative resources, The Histories vividly recounts the main points of the "long yet unmarried 12 months" of revolution that introduced the Roman empire to the threshold of cave in.

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Boundary Oriomls. (U. i. l 2 12 Casablanca / ATL^NTI m OCEAN 15 ? ^^Jh%TS? D. C. Mexico urban* 1 n ' ^- \ TBS* 'v four / '- """ / one hundred thirty five a hundred and fifty' three one hundred thirty five' four 12& five one zero five' 6 ninety 7 seventy five' S 60 nine forty five' W 30' 3 tS' u X ^ik'^ \ i ER yBSl r«"s"^^R ' Ai, ^-'S » Mumba.. ' r^'\ ' * f^*^; (Bombay) X V fLT^'X nuaui PHIllpPmES V) M»UlYSI(l M n I A V ;' I M *»^^^\i^ ,.. ,j> •- t o/c E AN AUSTRALIA '/Slit! " <5' sixteen 60' 17 seventy five' IS ninety' 19 one hundred and five' a) one hundred twenty' ! i I35' 22 ISO' 23 a hundred sixty five 24 C E A Index the next index the maps lists very important position names appeann within the ancient Alias of the realm. nations areas are listed to the different areal and political improvement at maps which painting a Ih( successive sessions. In j al. every one index access encompasses a map reference key and the web page variety of the map. trade names and spellings a extra in parentheses. CIcvcs (Oeve). duchy of: C. 164S Coblenz (Koblenz) Cochin China: c. c. IT75 IWO Coelesyria Colombia: in in 1819 C3 D4 4S . 07 forty seven F7 ninety one E4 10 G3 fifty four sixty three 1850-1900 . Grcal Colonialisni. itsblaiKC forty eight E5 sixty four Lunda Lung Yu Kazan Kcdah Kcmptcn Kerala Kham Khmer empire (Kambujadesa)... Khwarezm Kiangsi Kilara . -. Kokand Kongo Konkan Korea: C. 1775 1910 in Korean struggle Koryo (Korea) .. B3 Kuannei B Kuban B: Ku'bar Kublai Khan, dominions of. Kurdistan: O in Ottoman empire in 1914 D' in 1921 Gl Kushan empire A( Kuweil (Kuwait) Kwangsi e; Kwangtung hello Kwcichow E' Kyushu CS L Labrador C' Laconia .... D2 Ladakh C4 Langkasuka G" Laos: los angeles in 1900 F7 G5 1790 Plata: c. 1800-50 in Latin the USA: in 1800-1900 in 1821-1929 c. Latvia: in 1940 1790 C5 Lebanon Lc6n, nation of D2 Liberia El Libya: in 1922-40 H4 Lingen C3 Lingnan D8 Lippe:c. l648 (3» 1867 C3 D7 B6 c. Lithuania: c. c. 1360 1560 inl721 88 c. 1795 in 1940 D2 D5 D9 A6 Little Poland Livonia: c. 1560 in 1721 Locris, Ozolian Lombardy: in in c. 814 1815 1859 Lorraine: c. 1360 88 C3 C8 D4 A5 E4 c.

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