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By Timothy R Furnish

Dr. Timothy R. provide applies basic international analysis-political, cultural, social, and financial- to Middle-earth's 7,000 years of recorded background in excessive Towers and robust locations. steerage away from literary feedback, the normal method of Tolkien for the final six a long time, this e-book as a substitute makes use of Tolkien's writings to envision all the significant races of Middle-earth in a few element. It then delves into how every one conversing people's anthropological qualities educated the political platforms they devised. Middle-earth's many states, Beleriand to Barad-dur and Utumno to Umbar, from First via early Fourth a long time, are in comparison and contrasted with basic international examples akin to Rome/Byzantium; the Carolingian Empire; and the Islamic caliphates sooner than being categorised as monarchies, aristocracies or democracies. excessive Towers and powerful areas additionally bargains a grander geopolitical research, the diplomacy and balance-of-power politics over millennia of Middle-earth's background. specific realization is paid to little-studied concerns: Numenor's moment Age imperialism; the longue duree making plans of immortal beings akin to Sauron and Galadriel; and Gondor's function as 3rd Age hegemon. Morgoth and Sauron, robust yet eventually failed god-kings, obtain particular scrutiny-especially the relationships with their minions, either significant (Balrogs, Dragons) and minor (Goblins, Orcs and Trolls). excessive Towers and powerful areas: A Political heritage of Middle-earth might be learn as a stand-alone quantity or as an introductory paintings to the approaching shiny Swords and wonderful Warriors: an army heritage of Middle-earth. enthusiasts of fable books and flicks, in addition to gaming lovers will locate excessive Towers and powerful areas a desirable learn in addition to a useful resource."

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