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By Muriel Mandell, Elise Chanowitz

Magicians, ogres, dragons, genies and wizards exhibit how you can do the most well-liked good judgment puzzle kinds: removing, crossing the river, size, likelihood, extra. 128 pages, b/w illus. all through, five 3/8 x eight 1/4.

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Within the final assertion, we research that Jan Robinson beat the engineer at chess. for this reason, Jan Robinson is nei- Xera N N Y ther the biochemist who's named Jones nor the engi- neer whom she beat. Then Pyi has to be Wora's Uti teammate. Jones Robinson Smith Wora and Pyi are the winners. Engineer N N 12. Spaceship staff: Jan Robinson. 1. In assertion 1, we're instructed that Robinson is a Yomi. Biochemist Y N N 2. From assertion 2, which tells us that Jones does not Pilot N communicate any language except Martian, and three, which tells us that the Uti are linguists, we will infer that Jones isn't really a Uti. Jan Robinson has to be the pilot. thirteen. A Flock of Martians: Mun, the Rafi. five. From three, we all know that Wora isn't the one that has 1. From assertion 1, we all know that the Uti ate breakfast brown feathers given that Wora and the Rafi seconded that with Mun. for that reason, Mun cannot be a Uti. diplomat's arguments. 2. In assertion 2, we're informed that Bal and the Yomi de- bated. And so Bal is not the Yomi. crimson eco-friendly Blue Brown Uti Grundi Yomi Rafi Aken Aken Bal N N Bal N Mun Mun N Wora N Wora 6. From three, we additionally be aware of that the Rafi isn't the Martian with brown feathers. three. From 2, we will infer that Bal does not have both blue or brown feathers given that we're instructed Bal and the Yomi crimson eco-friendly Blue Brown debated and fought with them. Uti pink eco-friendly Blue Brown Grundi Aken Yomi N N Bal N N Rafi N Mun Wora 7. From three additionally, considering she did not believe her, we all know Wora isn't the Grundi. four. additionally from 2, we all know that the Yomi does not have blue Uti Grundi Yomi Rafi or brown feathers. Aken pink eco-friendly Blue Brown Bal N Uti Mun N Grundi Wora N Yomi N N Rafi eight. In three, we're instructed that the Grundi has pink feathers. crimson eco-friendly Blue Brown 12. Even sooner than we realized that Bal had purple feathers, we knew from three that Wora was once now not the red-feathered Uti N Grundi. In three, we're additionally instructed that Wora and the Rafi Grundi Y favourite the brown-feathered Martian. So Wora is neither the brown-feathered Uti nor the blue-feathered Yomi N N N Rafi. She has to be a green-feathered Yomi. Rafi N N Uti Grundi Yomi Rafi Aken N N nine. evidently the Yomi has to be green-feathered, seeing that all the opposite percentages were eradicated. Bal N Y N N 10. With a similar reasoning, the Rafi needs to be the single Mun N N N with blue feathers. and because it's the in simple terms hazard left, the brown-feathered Martian is the Uti. Wbra N N Y N crimson eco-friendly Blue Brown purple eco-friendly Blue Brown Uti N N N Uti N N N Y Grundi Y N N N Grundi Y N N N Yomi N Y N N Yomi N Y N N Rafi N N Y N Rafi N N Y N Now that we all know the colour of feathers of every crew, thirteen. Mun is accordingly the Rafi, the single in blue feathers. we will be able to ascertain their names. eleven. due to the fact Bal debated with the Yomi, she can be a Uti, a 14. Aken's buddy: Rider is Aken's buddy. Grundi or a Rafi. yet she debated and fought with the 1. Aken's pal isn't Mark who, we examine in assertion 1, blue-feathered Martian, the Rafi, and the brown, the is sitting contrary him.

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