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By Karim Yaghmour

Looking to port Android to different structures equivalent to embedded units? This hands-on e-book indicates you ways Android works and the way you could adapt it to fit you. You’ll delve into Android’s structure and methods to navigate its resource code, alter its quite a few parts, and create your personal model of Android in your specific machine. You’ll additionally detect how Android differs from its Linux roots.

If you’re skilled with embedded platforms improvement and feature a great deal with on Linux, this ebook is helping you mould Android to systems except cellular devices.

  • Learn approximately Android’s improvement version and the you want to run it
  • Get a short primer on Android internals, together with the Linux kernel and Dalvik digital machine
  • Set up and discover the AOSP with out undefined, utilizing a useful emulator image
  • Understand Android’s non-recursive construct method, and tips on how to make your personal modifications
  • Use assessment forums to prototype your embedded Android system
  • Examine the local user-space, together with the foundation filesystem format, the adb software, and Android’s command line
  • Discover the best way to have interaction with—and customize—the Android Framework

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