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Fluctuating parameters look in numerous actual structures and phenomena. they generally come both as random forces/sources, or advecting velocities, or media (material) parameters, like refraction index, conductivity, diffusivity, and so forth. the well-known instance of Brownian particle suspended in fluid and subjected to random molecular bombardment laid the root for contemporary stochastic calculus and statistical physics. different very important examples contain turbulent delivery and diffusion of particle-tracers (pollutants), or non-stop densities (''oil slicks''), wave propagation and scattering in randomly inhomogeneous media, for example mild or sound propagating within the turbulent atmosphere.

Such versions obviously render to statistical description, the place the enter parameters and strategies are expressed via random strategies and fields.

The primary challenge of stochastic dynamics is to spot the basic features of process (its nation and evolution), and relate these to the enter parameters of the method and preliminary data.

This increases a number of tough mathematical matters. you can hardly clear up such platforms precisely (or nearly) in a closed analytic shape, and their ideas count in a classy implicit demeanour at the initial-boundary information, forcing and system's (media) parameters . In mathematical phrases such resolution turns into a sophisticated "nonlinear sensible" of random fields and processes.

Part I offers mathematical formula for the elemental actual versions of delivery, diffusion, propagation and develops a few analytic tools.

Part II units up and applies the concepts of variational calculus and stochastic research, like Fokker-Plank equation to these versions, to supply distinct or approximate strategies, or in worst case numeric tactics. The exposition is stimulated and confirmed with a number of examples.

Part III takes up concerns for the coherent phenomena in stochastic dynamical structures, defined by way of traditional and partial differential equations, like wave propagation in randomly layered media (localization), turbulent advection of passive tracers (clustering).

Each bankruptcy is appended with difficulties the reader to unravel via himself (herself), in order to be an outstanding education for self sustaining investigations.

· This ebook is translation from Russian and is done with new imperative result of fresh research.
· The booklet develops mathematical instruments of stochastic research, and applies them to a variety of actual versions of debris, fluids, and waves.
· Accessible to a vast viewers with normal history in mathematical physics, yet no specific services in stochastic research, wave propagation or turbulence

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