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By Grand Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum Satmar Rebbe

Hasidic Teachings on Sefer Bemidbar - the e-book of Numbers, via his holiness, Grand Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum, the Satmar Rebbe, zy"a, (1887-1979) chosen from his publication Divrei Yoel, translated from Hebrew to English. modern Hasidic Bible observation.

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Divrei Yoel) PARSHAS MASEI "And Moses wrote their goings out based on their travels" you could clarify this by means of first quoting the phrases of the Zera Kodesh, that during each level in their travels within the desolate tract, there has been one other klipah (impure shell) resting there. whilst the Israelites rested in every one of these areas, they made tikunim (spiritual rectifications) in every one position, in line with the desires of that position, to nullify the klipah that existed in that position. The names of the Klipos and the categories of Tikunim the Israelites did in every one of these areas are hinted to by way of the names of every degree. till listed below are the phrases of the Zera Kodesh. this is often what's hinted to via the phrases of the Scripture "And Moses wrote their goings out (or "takings out") in accordance with their travels", that the innovations of the sparks of holiness that they "took out" have been all written down through Moses and hinted to via the names of the phases. additionally it really is written "and those are their travels based on their taking out", to intend that the aim of those travels used to be "their taking out", aspiring to "take out" the sparks of holiness via their provider of God via Torah and Mitzvos, and sanctification in holiness.

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