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By Ruth Brown

Coffee hasn't ever been better--or cooler!

Ever ask yourself what is going into making the right cup of espresso? there is extra to it than you're thinking that, and a brand new breed of espresso nerds has remodeled the inexpensive, gritty sludge your mom and dad drink into the good nutrients development round, with an obsessive dedication to sourcing, roasting, and guidance that has taken the drink to scrumptious new heights.

Coffee Nerd information the background at the back of the beans and is helping you navigate the intriguing and infrequently intimidating new wave of espresso. From discovering imprecise jap brewing apparatus to recipes and strategies for brewing awesome espresso at domestic, you will elevate your geek cred--and find a entire new international of espresso possibilities.

Whether you're looking to refine your French-press recipe or simply cannot live on a morning with out a hand made latte, this ebook is bound to stimulate you as you pore over the artwork of getting ready an exceptionally tender cup of coffee.

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Okay, you don’t really need to know this one for any serious coffee credibility reasons, but holy hell is it delicious. Espresso Drinks You Don’t Need to Know MOCHA The café mocha or mochaccino is a latte or cappuccino with cocoa mix or chocolate syrup in it—basically, caffeinated hot chocolate. No one over the age of sixteen has any business being anywhere near this drink. VANILLA/CARAMEL/[INSERT FLAVOR HERE] LATTE Similarly, these espresso drinks spiked with flavored syrups (and often topped with whipped cream) are for baby palates who do not actually like the taste of coffee. They are the appletinis of the coffee world. You wouldn’t order a lemon drop from a craft cocktail bar; don’t order a pumpkin spice latte from a craft coffee shop. ESPRESSO CON PANNA Also known as a café Vienna, this is espresso topped with whipped cream. Just … no. Whipped cream is for pie, slapstick comedy, and sex. BABYCCINO Though it is made using an espresso machine, this isn’t even technically an espresso drink—it’s a cup of steamed milk and foam, sometimes dusted with cocoa, that moms in yoga pants give small children with names like Juniper and Atticus to keep them occupied in coffee shops. On the upside, cafés that have this drink on their menu are tacitly letting you know that their establishments are frequented by such people, indicating that perhaps you should take your business elsewhere. So it does have its uses. See also: doggyccinos. CHAI LATTE This is not actually an espresso drink, either. It is an aromatic Indian spice and tea drink mixed with steamed milk. It can be very nice, but you are far too busy learning about coffee to waste your time drinking tea. RED EYE Also known as a depth charge, sledgehammer, eye opener, shot in the dark, and about eleventy-bajillion other names, this is a shot (or several shots) of espresso in a cup of brewed coffee. At this point, you should have learned enough to realize that this is not a recipe for good coffee, but simply a brutal caffeine delivery method. Which is fine— we’ve all had moments in our lives where we’ve considered mainlining Red Bull to stay awake—but that puts it firmly in the purview of truck drivers and college students, not serious coffee scholars. Other Coffee Drinks You Need to Know Until very recently, you were probably only visiting a coffee shop to order one of two things—an espresso drink or batch-brewed coffee self-served from a press pot. But in recent years, a small laboratory of other brewing devices have found their way onto menus. And this is a good thing. If you’re trying to learn about the unique flavors and possibilities of different coffees, it makes sense to test them out in a range of preparation tools. But it does mean there are a whole lot more drinks to memorize, so let’s look at which are actually worth your time and money. POUR-OVER If you’ve ever seen a barista carefully poised over a cone-shaped device with a weirdlooking kettle, like an uptight gardener watering an extremely delicate flower, you have probably seen someone preparing a pour-over.

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