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By Carlos Sessa


The top programming suggestions are frequently the shortest and simplest—the hacks. during this compact and infinitely necessary ebook, Android professional Carlos Sessa can provide 50 hacks that would prevent time, stretch your talents, and perhaps even make you smile.

About this Book

Hacks. shrewdpermanent programming ideas to unravel thorny little difficulties. Ten traces of code that prevent days of labor. The little gemstones you examine from the outdated man within the subsequent dice or from the geniuses on Stack Overflow. that is simply what you will find during this compact and important book.

The identify 50 Android Hacks says all of it. starting from the mundane to the unbelievable, every one self-contained, totally illustrated hack is simply a few pages lengthy and comprises annotated resource code. those useful options are prepared into twelve collections protecting format, animations, styles, and more.

What's Inside

  • Hack three making a customized ViewGroup
  • Hack eight Slideshow utilizing the Ken Burns effect
  • Hack 20 The Model-View-Presenter pattern
  • Hack 23 The SyncAdapter pattern
  • Hack 31 Aspect-oriented programming in Android
  • Hack 34 utilizing Scala within Android
  • Hack forty three Batching database operations
  • Plus forty three extra hacks!

Most hacks paintings with Android 2.x and bigger. Version-specific hacks are in actual fact marked.

Purchase of the print booklet contains a unfastened publication in PDF, Kindle, and ePub codecs from Manning Publications.

About the Author

Carlos Sessa is a passionate specialist Android developer. he is energetic on Stack Overflow and is an avid hack collector.

Table of Contents

  1. Working your means round layouts
  2. Creating cool animations
  3. View advice and tricks
  4. Tools
  5. Patterns
  6. Working with lists and adapters
  7. Useful libraries
  8. Interacting with different languages
  9. Ready-to-use snippets
  10. Beyond database basics
  11. Avoiding fragmentation
  12. Building tools

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The place could you put all of these click on handlers? during this hack, we’ll examine the best way to remedy this challenge utilizing the Delegation development. This trend might help us to maneuver all the enterprise good judgment clear of the Adapter and position it contained in the task. We’ll create an easy software that provides numbers to a listing and every row could have a eliminate button to take away the telephone quantity. the assumption is straightforward: we’ll upload the get rid of button click on handler within the Adapter, yet rather than removal the article there, we’ll name an Activity’s process in the course of the delegate interface. the very first thing we’ll create is the Adapter’s code: public type NumbersAdapter extends ArrayAdapter { public static interface NumbersAdapterDelegate { void removeItem(Integer value); } B Defines delegate interface deepest LayoutInflater mInflator; deepest NumbersAdapterDelegate mDelegate; public NumbersAdapter(Context context, List items) { super(context, zero, objects); mInflator = LayoutInflater. from(context); } @Override public View getView(int place, View cv, ViewGroup dad or mum) { if ( null == cv ) { cv = mInflator. inflate(R. format. number_row, guardian, false); } ultimate Integer price = getItem(position); TextView television = (TextView) cv. findViewById(R. identity. numbers_row_text); television. setText(value. toString()); View button = cv. findViewById(R. identification. numbers_row_button); button. setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() { @Override public void onClick(View v) { 86 bankruptcy 6 operating with lists and adapters if ( null ! = mDelegate ) { mDelegate. removeItem(value); } gets rid of C items } }); go back cv; } public void setDelegate(NumbersAdapterDelegate delegate) { mDelegate = delegate; } D units because the Adapter delegate } We outline the delegate interface B that might be used to address elimination the item C. The task will desire a technique to set itself because the Adapter delegate, and for that we have got a setter D. Now that we have got the Adapter in position, let’s look at the job code: public classification MainActivity extends task implements NumbersAdapterDelegate { inner most ListView mListView; deepest ArrayList mNumbers; inner most NumbersAdapter mAdapter; B Implements NumberAdapterDelegate interface @Override public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { tremendous. onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R. structure. main); mListView = (ListView) findViewById(R. identity. main_listview); mNumbers = new ArrayList(); mAdapter = new NumbersAdapter(this, mNumbers); mListView. setAdapter(mAdapter); } @Override secure void onResume() { great. onResume(); mAdapter. setDelegate(this); } @Override secure void onPause() { tremendous. onPause(); mAdapter. setDelegate(null); } @Override public void removeItem(Integer price) { mNumbers. remove(value); mAdapter. notifyDataSetChanged(); } C D Registers at the onResume() procedure Unregisters within the onPause() approach E eliminates aspect from checklist and notifies Adapter of the switch } As you'll discover, the job implements the NumbersAdapterDelegate interface B. rather than surroundings the task because the Adapter’s delegate contained in the onCreate() 87 benefiting from ListView’s header approach, we sign in it within the onResume() approach C and unregister it within the onPause() technique D.

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