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This e-book integrates the newest international advancements in forestry technology and perform and their relevance for the sustainable administration of tropical forests. The impression of social dimensions at the improvement of silvicultural techniques is one other highlight. Ecology and silvicultural innovations shape all tropical continents, and woodland formations from dry to wet forests and from lowland to mountain forests are coated. evaluate chapters which consultant readers via this complicated topic combine quite a few illustrative and quantitative case stories by way of specialists from around the world. at the foundation of a cross-sectional assessment of the case stories offered, the authors recommend attainable silvicultural contributions in the direction of sustainability in a altering international. The ebook is addressed to a extensive readership from forestry and environmental disciplines.

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152 M. S. Ashton and J. S. corridor desk 12. 1a significant bushes bushes from West and relevant African Rain Forests with universal names, nation, non-timber woodland product and coloration tolerance Latin species and relatives universal identify and state different items Autecology Alstonia congolensis Alstonia (Nigeria, Congo) Medicinal Long-lived pioneer (Apocynaceae) Aningeria robusta Asanfina/samfemamini Fruit colour illiberal (Sapotacaeae) (Ghana) Antiaris africana Kyenkyen (Ghana); ako Fruit colour illiberal (Moraceae) (Togo) Aucoumea klaineana Okoume´ (Congo, Gabon) Resin Long-lived pioneer (Burseraceae) Baillonella toxisperma Moabi (Cameroon, Gabon) Oil, nutrition, colour intermediate medicinal Borassus aethiopum Sugar palm, ronier (Congo, Sugar coloration tolerant (Palmae) Gabon) color tolerant Butyrospermum parkii Sheabutter (Nigeria), karite´ Fruit/oil (CAR) (Sapotaceae) Carapa procera African crabwood (Coˆte Gum, food/oil, colour intermediate (Meliaceae) d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Congo medicinal Canarium schweinfurthii Aie´le´ (Coˆte d’Ivoire, nutrition, medication, coloration illiberal (Burseraceae) Gabon, Ghana) resin Medicinal Long-lived pioneer Ceiba pentandra Fromager (Coˆte d’Ivoire, (Bombacaceae) Ghana, Togo); ghe (Liberia) Petersianthus africanum Abale (Coˆte d’Ivoire, Long-lived pioneer (Lecythidaceae) Gabon, Congo, Nigeria) P. macrocarpum Owewe (Cameroon, Gabon, Medicinal Pioneer Congo, Nigeria) Pioneer Cordia millenii Cordia (Cameroon, Coˆte (Boraginaceae) d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria,Togo) coloration tolerant Cylicodiscus gabunensi Denyao, okan (Cameroon, Medicinal (Leguminosae) Coˆte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria) Resin Pioneer Daniellia ogea Hyedua, daniellai (Leguminosae) (Cameroon, Coˆte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria) Sapo (Cameroon, Coˆte colour tolerant Didelotia brevipaniculata d’Ivoire, Ghana, (Leguminosae) Nigeria) Diospyros spp. African ebony, Omenowa Medicinal color tolerant (Ebenaceae) (Ghana, Nigeria) Tiama (DRC, Congo, Coˆte colour intermediate Entandrophragma d’Ivoire) angolense (Meliaceae) E. cylindricum Sapelli, liboyo (Cameroon, nutrients (caterpillars), color intermediate automobile, DRC, Congo) medic E. candollei Kosipo (DRC, Coˆte coloration intermediate d’Ivoire, Ghana, Liberia) (continued) 12 The Ecology, Silviculture, and Use of Tropical rainy Forests desk 12. 1a (continued) Latin species and family members universal identify and nation E. utile Sipo (Cameroon, automobile, DRC, Congo) Erythrophleum ivorense Missandra (Cameroon, (Leguminosae) vehicle, DRC, Congo) Chrysophyllum africana Longhi (DRC, Congo, (Sapotaceae) Gabon) Gossweilerodendron Tola (DRC); agba (Nigeria) balsamiferum (Leguminosae) Guarea cedrata Bosse´ (DRC, Coˆte d’Ivoire, (Meliaceae) Liberia) Guibourtia arnoldiana Benge (Cameroon, Coˆte (Leguminosae) d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria) G. ehie Amazakoue Hallea ciliate Bahia (Gabon); abura (Rubiaceae) (Liberia) Irvingia gabonensis Oba (Cameroon, Coˆte (Irvingiaceae) d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria) Khaya anthotheca Acajou (Cameroon, vehicle, (Meliaceae) Congo, DRC, Ghana) Khaya grandifoliola Acajou (Togo) (Meliaceae) ok. ivorensis Acajou (Coˆte d’Ivoire); mahogany (Ghana, Nigeria) Lophira alata Azobe´ (Cameroon, Coˆte (Ochnaceae) d’Ivoire, Gabon) Lovoa trichilioides Dibetou (DRC, Coˆte (Meliaceae) d’Ivoire); cedar (Nigeria) Mammea africana Oboto (Cameroon, Coˆte (Clusiaceae) d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria) Mansonia altissima Bete´ (Cameroon); mansonia (Sterculiaceae (Ghana); ofun (Nigeria) Zebrano (Cameroon, Coˆte Microberlinia d’Ivoire, Gabon, brazzavillensis Nigeria) (Leguminosae Milicia excelsa Iroko (Cameroon, motor vehicle, (Moraceae) DRC, Congo, Nigeria, Togo) Millettia laurentii Wenge´ (Congo, Gabon) (Legumniosae) Mitragyna ciliata Bahia (Cameroon, automobile, (Rubiaceae) DRC, Congo, Nigeria) Monopetalanthus heitzii Adoung (Gabon) (Leguminosae) Musanga cecropioides Umbrella tree (Cameroon, (Moracaceae) DRC, Congo, Ghana) 153 different items Autecology color intermediate Medicinal coloration intermediate Fruit coloration tolerant Resin coloration tolerant colour tolerant coloration tolerant coloration Intermediate coloration tolerant Fruit, medicinal color intermediate colour intermediate colour intermediate Medicinal color intermediate Medicinal long-lived pioneer Medicinal coloration intermediate Fruit, medicinal, resin colour tolerant color illiberal coloration tolerant Medicinal Long-lived pioneer colour illiberal Medicinal colour illiberal Medicinal colour tolerant Medicinal, fodder Short-lived pioneer (continued) 154 desk 12.

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