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By Ted G. Lewis

A accomplished examine the rising technological know-how of networks

Network technological know-how is helping you layout swifter, extra resilient conversation networks; revise infrastructure structures resembling electrical energy grids, telecommunications networks, and airline routes; version industry dynamics; comprehend synchronization in organic platforms; and examine social interactions between people.

This is the 1st e-book to take a complete examine this rising technology. It examines a few of the sorts of networks (regular, random, small-world, impression, scale-free, and social) and applies community techniques and behaviors to emergence, epidemics, synchrony, and danger. The book's area of expertise lies in its integration of ideas throughout computing device technological know-how, biology, physics, social community research, economics, and marketing.

The ebook is split into easy-to-understand topical chapters and the presentation is augmented with transparent illustrations, difficulties and solutions, examples, functions, tutorials, and a dialogue of similar Java software program. Chapters cover:

  • Origins
  • Graphs

  • Regular Networks

  • Random Networks

  • Small-World Networks

  • Scale-Free Networks

  • Emergence

  • Epidemics

  • Synchrony

  • Influence Networks

  • Vulnerability

  • Net Gain

  • Biology

This booklet bargains a brand new knowing and interpretation of the sector of community technology. it really is an fundamental source for researchers, pros, and technicians in engineering, computing, and biology. It additionally serves as a useful textbook for complicated undergraduate and graduate classes in similar fields of study.

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